Al-Fathiha Introduces The Role of Modern Communication

By Chris Evan

A new book is published on Amazon that proclaims the modern world has the heap to gain from it. Al-Fātiḥah is the first chapter or surah of the Holy Q’uran. This chapter has an essential role in Islamic prayer or salāt, as it literally means “The Opener”. Al-Fathiha is recited in every prayer unit or rakʿah for everyday Muslims in their daily life.

In his latest book, author Shofi Ahmed believes modern communicators can take a page out of the Al-Fathiha. While it requires a certain amount of skills to produce content to gather interest for a topic or conversation, Ahmed attempts to shed light on why and how the Al-Fathiha is a perfect example on how an ideal introduction should be.

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Al-Fathiha: Simply The Way Forward sets its main focus on a loving Creator and creation relationship. In Al-Fathiha the Creator introduced Himself very simply yet thoroughly and taking the least of the reader’s time. Readers will likely find a particular interest in humanistic, literary and mathematical aspects of the Qur’an.

When asked about why he wrote the book, Ahmed said: “I believe at its very core, this book can also be a rewarding literary resource for people seeking an understanding to the word of Allah, and how to approach and follow this religious path without misconstruing its true meaning and purpose.”

“When it’s about simplicity, language comes first. The selection of appropriate words, punctuation, etc.— the clarity of a sentence is important. Is it short, easy to read, yet interesting? Does it have the grammar to ensure that it conveys the right meaning? Are other factors taken into account? Not to mention the style: is it interesting? Do the words flow well? Are they engaging, linking each point and issue without repetition? Is there an apparent beauty of expression that’s in plain language? These are some of the key factors. We can now turn to Al-Fathiha and can find that all these factors are well taken into account, making it the ideal piece of writing,” added Ahmed.

The author delves into the significance of each of the seven verses of Al-Fathiha in this 122-page book, which will include the interpretation behind the 113-lettered first chapter and the mathematical discipline behind it. Using Al-Fathiha as the perfect example, modern communicators should also look forward to an in-depth discussion about understanding effective communication and the importance of brevity and simplicity in modern age and technology.