Bangladesh Army : A quintessence Journey of Excellence

|| Imran A. Chowdhury ||

Bangladesh’s army and my observations of its voyage go back a long way away. I was 11 years old after the viceroy of our epitome of all struggles ;  the liberation War observed the cruise  of this institution from its  very humble beginning. Keenly discerned the flight path  from the perilous ending of the liberation war and come back to a war-torn dilapidated barren state.

The freedom fighters and the Bangladesh forces amalgamated together in the midst of scarcity, lack of facilities and above all the paucity of infrastructure. Yet the resolve and ambitions were off no shortage. After the abolishment of BDF Sectors and raising off the new regiments were the maternity of today’s Bangladesh army. Fondly remember the scavenging of arms, munitions, equipment, jerrycans, towing trucks, jeeps, pickups abandoned by the losers and defeated adversary were accumulated with care to make use of them, Even the FSMO and web equipments which were littered in the storages of Khadimnagar made good for future usages by the newly raised 18 East Bengal Regiment, those memories  still reverberates in my minds eyes.

Then came the various phases of tumultuous episodes of treachery and greed with a repugnant series of tries to obliterate the ethos, aspirations and esprit de corps by many antagonists trying to enfold the gains of the bloody liberation war.

Nevertheless, the army stood firm in the face of all calamities and impediments to thrive as the symbol of unity, discipline and above all the patriotism. Its mettle of a unified edifice withstood all the vile conspires and treachery.

The march of the vanguard of the nation weathered far too many tsunamis and disasters to the pinnacle. From those leapfrogged  humble beginning to todays Bangladesh Army is perhaps a story that needs constant reminding of a journey par excellence.

Bangladesh Army today stands tall with a mammoth statue of professionalism, dedication, honesty, sincerity and dutifulness at home and abroad.

On the eve of the Armed Forces day it is imperative to reiterate that, our armed forces especially the Army is one of the best institutions and the finest of all organisations in the country. These all were possible due to the sheer dedication of its officers, ranks, and files; it was an excellent showcasing of a collective of all quests. The quest was further emboldened by its perseverance of maintaining it’s quality, preservation of ethos & culture, tender loving care for all minute things, upholding the cultural & social practices, frugality and above all abundance sense of duty and dedication. The participation of building the nation and her infrastructure is probably the best in our nation-state.

The stature of the Bangladesh army in the international stage speaks volumes of its glory, acumen, discipline above all its contributions.

On the 49th anniversary of Bangladesh Armed forcesinception its rather befitting to announce that, This has been a Quittance Journey of Excellence!

Imran A. Chowdhury

Lieutenant ( retd)

Founder & CEO