Rofikul Islam has been given the British Citizen Award

Rofikul Islam BCA has been selected for 2021 People’s Honour as the esteemed recipient for the prestigious award for his commitment to social justice and his community leadership role for over the last 15 years.

Rofikul is among the 27 extraordinary people selected from a nationwide campaign for the British Citizen Award Medal, which is a nationally recognized programme in the United Kingdom for individuals doing extraordinary leadership and social activism work in their communities and beyond.

Dubbed the People’s Honours, each Medal bears the words ‘For the Good of the Country’ and are presented to only a small number of exceptional individuals twice annually. The British Citizen Award is widely viewed as the nation’s way of recognising extraordinary, everyday people for exceptional endeavor and are truly representative of today’s multicultural Britain.

After a series of successes in his role as a community activist and a leader, he was nominated and awarded the Freedom of the City of London in 2020 by the Court of the Common Council, making him one of the youngest British-Bangladeshi recipients of the highest level of award from the City of London.

Rofikul is a passionately proactive young leader. He genuinely wants to make his community a better place to live and enact positive change, coming up with the vision and action plan to make this a reality. He regularly shares his skills and talents with those around him to make a positive change in local and international communities. This has included raising over half a million pounds for various charities over the years, including providing leadership skills to various organizations and institutions.

His leadership journey started as a Deputy Leader of the Student Council in Stepney All Saint’s (formerly Sir John Cass) Sixth Form. This has led him to various levels of community action campaigns in the national and international arena, whereby he represented the United Kingdom in various high-level meetings and round table discussions with Prime Ministers, Presidents, and other senior government officials.

Working as a public servant, he manages a number of high-level committees in a local government and oversees a range of Government projects in its legislative stages.

Rofikul Islam attended the University of East London and later attended Oxford University and was certified in Leadership Studies on a scholarship program.

Speaking after receiving the news, Rofikul commented, “This is a huge honour for me, and I would like to thank my family, colleagues, mentors for their guidance and faith in me. A huge thank you to the people’s honours BCA for recognising me.”