Sylhet District warm up for Sylhet District Cup with friendly win

Sylhet District warmed up for next month’s Sylhet District Cup by playing an inter-team friendly.

It proved to be a Battle of the MBE’s as Mamun Chowdhury’s over-40s side defeated Emdad Rahman’s over-50’s 2-0.

Players on show for the over-50s included Bodrul Hoque, Syed Salique Ahmed, Dawlath Khan – and Shawkat Ali, who travelled down from Birmingham, while the over 40s were spearheaded by captain Repon Chowdhury.

Commenting after the game, Mamun Choudhury MBE said: “It was a much tighter contest than the scoreline suggests.

“There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm throughout the game. Overall it was a really good evening and that’s what football is about.”

Emdad Rahman MBE added: “The fact that these players can still race up and down the pitch at their age is an inspiration. They attacked in numbers, defended deep and made good chances.”#Source#ELA#