Elected Councillors Get Loud and Proud at a Reception in Tower Hamlets

B.Z.Babul:Three elected councillors in London Borough of Tower Hamlets were given a reception in east London on Friday 11 May 2018.

Locally based Gram Bangla Badminton Club hosted the reception. The club’s chair Abdul Shaheed, Shofi Ahmed and Badruzzaman Babul welcomed the councillors Sirajul Islam, Abdul Mukith Chunu MBE and Ahbab Hussaain with flowers.

The recent election saw a landslide victory for the Labour Party in Tower Hamlets. The party’s rose couldn’t be more reddish that shone across the borough when the results were announced. The councillors proclaim they were well ready for it. “Last two and half years were a very laboursome period for the mayor John Biggs. During this time he has done more works than his predecessor that he did in the previous four years,” said councillor Sirajul Islam.

Cllr Abdul Mukith Chunu MBE who was twice the Speaker of the Council and formerly the chair of Spitalfields Housing Association’s audit committee also praised sporting activities in the borough such as playing badminton. More than one million Britons regularly play the game, which is the world’s second most popular participation sport, according to the BBC Sport Academy. “It’s is easy to learn, fun and sociable, badminton is a great way for people of all abilities to keep active. It keeps the heart healthy helps curb weight and prevent obesity,” said the councillor.

Joined by scores of club members including Waris Uddin, Abdus Salam, Mohammed Ripon Chowdhury, Helal Uddin and Shamsul Haque the treasurer Sadequl Amin and joint secretary Badruzzaman Babul conducted the program.

All club members toasted Cllr Ahbab Hussain who won the local election with highest numbers of votes. They expressed their immense joy as Mr Hussain is also a club member. Regularly plays badminton with the rest of the members of the club.

Adding to his speech Cllr Ahbab Hussain said: “Yes, my ballot box was flowing with votes thankfully these have been counted. However, I am still counting the added numbers of responsibilities that came with it.”