Stepney Green Councillor Oliur Rahman demands answers about Sheik Mujibur Rahman statue

Britbangla Desk:Councillor Oliur Rahman, a local ward councillor for Stepney Green – where the statue of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, popularly known as Bangabandhu, is located – has written to the Mayor of Tower Hamlets demanding answers about the controversy surrounding the statue of Sheikh Mujib who was instrumental in the creation of Bangladesh and its freedom struggle.


Cllr Oliur Rahman said:

“I have been approached by the residents and media about this issue. I have written to the Mayor seeking answers. I am being told by the resident who has the statue in his front garden area that he had permission from the council to have this statue erected, but the council has now served a notice demanding its removal. Given the sensitivity around this subject, I want to understand on what basis – if the council issued the permission properly in the first place – it now wishes to remove the statue?

Her is the summary of email.

Dear Mr. Mayor

RE: The statue of Sheik Mujibur Rahman (Erlich Cottages, Sidney Street)

I am writing regarding above matter as a ward councillor, (as) I have been contacted by media and residents.

I am being told that the resident had permission from the council to an unveiled statue. However, I am sure you would understand sensitivity around this matter. Therefore, could you please explain on what basis has the council now issued (a formal) notice to remove the statue, especially if the permission (had already) been given.

Can please confirm who made the decision, and why now almost a year later?

I cannot raise this as members Enquiry due to the urgency but happy to receive a response from an officer.


Cllr Oliur Rahman
Stepney Green
London Borough of Tower Hamlets