Altab Ali Arch

:Ansar Ahmed Ullah:

Altab Ali Arch commemorates Altab Ali and other victims of racist violence. In 1989, David Peterson, a welsh artist and blacksmith was commissioned by Tower Hamlets Council to make a wrought iron arch for the entrance of the park at a cost of approximately £9,000. The design is based on both Bengali and European architecture. It comprises of red coated metal wrapped around and interwoven through a tubular structure. This is meant to signify the merging of different cultures in the East End.

Altab Ali Arch was erected on 25 – 27 September and unveiled on 1 October. A ceremony accompanied the unveiling in which there were speakers, Bengali Music and a few stalls. A banner was commissioned from Cate Clarke which was hung from two trees facing Whitechapel Road. Two press releases were sent out. 5,000 dual languages, two colour leaflets and 500 posters were printed and distributed. 100 children from local primary schools, Osmani and Harry Gosling made hats, flags, ribbon accessories and lead procession through the arch after it was unveiled.